Particulars of organization

Particulars of Organizations, Functions and Duties  


Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Combating Climate Change (MGICCC), Bakoli, Delhi, has been registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 on 18th May 1992, as a joint venture of Planning Commission (Government of India) in collaboration with Government of NCT of Delhi (GNCTD), with a view to adopt a professional approach for result oriented planning and programme implementation to develop trained manpower in Integrated Rural Energy Planning Programme. In 1994 the IREP programme was shifted from Planning Commission to the Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources (MNES), Govt. of India. MGIIREPD has been conceptualized has now been discontinued w.e.f. 1 st April 2007 and Moreover the Institute has been renamed as Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Combating Climate Change (MGICCC) w.e.f. 30th January 2009.

Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Combating Climate Change (MGICCC) has been set up with following function and duties:-

  • To establish and carry on the administration and management of the Society and such other Centers for research, extension and instruction whose Functions shall be compatible with the functions and objectives of the Society;
  • To organize training, research development, extension and mass communication activities in the field of climate change for students and trainees from various categories with co-ordination and participation of various academic institutions working in the field of climate change and related areas;
  • To design, develop and conduct educational programmes in area of such as Pollution control, waste Management, Bio diversity, Greening, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanisms will be covered and related areas and for this purpose coordinating with suitable Universities and Institutions for the holding of examinations and the award of degrees and diplomas;
  • To develop computer models and create computer software and hardware facilities for compiling of data bases on climate change issues as well as for preparation and implementation of micro and macro integrated projects relating to Combating Climate Change, their monitoring and evaluation and related activities;
  • To confer honorary awards and distinctions in the field of combating climate change and related areas;
  • To establish, maintain and manage hostels for residence of the trainees/ students and scholars;
  • To fix, demand and receive such fees and other charges as may be laid down in the bye-laws;
  • To supervise and control the residence, to regulate the discipline of students  and trainees of the Society and to make arrangements for promoting their health, welfare and cultural, intellectual and spiritual life;
  • To co-ordinate with educational or other institutions in any part of the world having objects wholly or partly similar to those of the Society by exchange of teachers, scholars & experts in such a manner as may be conducive to their common objects;
  • To institute and award fellowships, scholarships, prizes and medals in accordance with the rules, regulation and bye-laws of the Society;
  • To issue appeals for funds in furtherance of the objectives of the Society and
  • Undertake management of any endowments, trusts, funds of donations not inconsistent with the objectives of the Society;
  • To accept grant of money, securities or property or any kind on such terms as may be expedient;
  • To acquire by gift, purchase, exchange, lease, hire or otherwise, any moveable or immovable property which may be necessary or convenient for the purpose of the Society and to build, construct, improve, alter, demolish, and repair and maintain such buildings, works and constructions as may be necessary for carrying out the objectives of the Society;
  • To borrow and raise money or without security or on the security of a mortgage, charge, or hypothecation or pledge of all or any of the moveable or immovable properties belonging to the Society or any other manner whatsoever provided that the approval, in writing, of the Government of India or Govt. Of NCT of Delhi, as the case may be, is obtained in this behalf;
  • To invest and deal with any money and securities of the Society not immediately required for any of its activities in such manner as may be provided in the rules and regulations of the Society, from time to time;
  • To create any Reserve Fund, Insurance Fund or any other special Fund, whether for depreciating or for repairs, improving, extending or maintaining any of the properties or rights of the Society and/ or for renouncement of wasting assets and for any other purposes for which the Society deems it expedient or proper to create or maintain such Funds;
  • To draw, make, accept, endorse and discount cheques, notes or other negotiable instruments;
  • To frame rules and regulations, and bylaws for service conditions for all categories of employees of the Society taking full cognizance of such provisions existing in the Govt. of NCT of Delhi and amend or rescind them from time to time with the approval of the Govt. of NCT of Delhi;
  • To do all such other acts and things either alone or in conjunction with other organizations or persons as the Society may consider necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the aforesaid objectives;
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